Welcome to the machine….

The title of this blog is perhaps misleading; the subtitle, hopefully less so.  Regarding the latter, I’ve been a fan of rock music for decades, with my roots in that much-maligned subcategory known as “classic rock” but venturing from there into grunge and, principally, heavy metal.  But in particular I’m fascinated by the history of rock music, the twists and turns of its evolution over its more than six decades of existence, and the interplay between rock and the world it inhabits.

This blog is an opportunity to voice my thoughts on these topics, while hopefully avoiding sounding too pretentious. I doubt there will be much here that hasn’t been more artfully expressed by others, so I’ll do my best to credit the guilty party where I’m sure what I’ve typed isn’t a product of my weird, meandering mind.

As for the title, it came from a line in Cameron Crowe’s 2000 movie “Almost Famous”, in which the young protagonist scribe is meeting with rock journalist Lester Bangs for the first time.  Bangs, taken by the kid’s passion and enthusiasm, tells him to “give me a thousand words on Black Sabbath.”  I’ve heard a story since then about how “a thousand words on Black Sabbath” has from time to time been an actual assignment given to aspiring music scribblers.  The story may be apocryphal, but hey…. it’s good nonetheless.

Feel free to comment, critique or criticize; I have a pretty thick skin.  Just keep it clean, and rock on. 🙂

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