The Stones, Part 1: The Death of Sixties Idealism

My latest band exploration is the Rolling Stones. I’ve been a “greatest hits” fan of the Stones for a long time.  That’s a pretty useful term, I think; it means a person who has known and liked the same songs by a given band as everybody else.  In my case, they were my second rock […]

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Through a Band’s Past, Darkly

Before I started this blog, I thought about devoting it to reviewing “famous albums that I wish I’d listened to before now”.  The obvious problem there is that people would probably be even less interested in reading my review of a 45-year-old album in the midst of so many other reviews by far more qualified […]

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Welcome to the machine….

The title of this blog is perhaps misleading; the subtitle, hopefully less so.  Regarding the latter, I’ve been a fan of rock music for decades, with my roots in that much-maligned subcategory known as “classic rock” but venturing from there into grunge and, principally, heavy metal.  But in particular I’m fascinated by the history of […]

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