A New Rock History Project…

Riding the train to work one morning recently in the mid-April sun.  Down by the water, heading west between Port Moody and Vancouver.  Listening to “The Fool On The Hill”, one of my favourite Beatles songs. Heading upstairs from the platform at my destination, a lone coyote crossed the tracks down below. Wow. Look at […]

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Black Sabbath: The End

Black Sabbath hit Rogers Arena last night for a capacity show, about three weeks after the postponement of the original date due to Ozzy’s illness and producing, I suspect, a bit of a sigh of relief given the rough last few months for rock icons. The tour has been ominously christened “The End”, so attendance […]

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Lemmy (1945-2015)

It’s Lemmy. You either take him or you fuckin’ don’t, and he don’t give a flying shit if you do or not. – Ozzy Osbourne I’m not sure there’s ever been a more concise assessment of Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known as Lemmy, who passed away yesterday, four days after his 70th birthday, after a […]

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Soundtrack To The Apocalypse

The topic of the Cold War as reflected in popular music has been in the back of my mind since starting this blog. With indications that the massive international dick-swinging contest may be lumbering into gear again, it seems timely to comment on it now. For over thirty years, I’ve have a morbid fascination with […]

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